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Orn is my "Capstone Project" for the Masters in Multidisciplinary Studies degree offered at RIT. It is side-scrolling action game demo for the Game Boy Advance, unofficially based on the first area (Brinstar) of the original NES Metroid released by Nintendo in 1986.*Added Features*Ability to aim in 8 different directions (as in Super Metroid) Ability to crouch (as in Super Metroid) Ability to "lock" previous aiming by holding down the "L" button (similar to Super Contra) The Wall Jump ability from Super Metroid will be available from start (allows player to jump off walls during a spin jump) Ability to acquire the Morph Jump from Super Metroid (allows the player to jump in Morph Ball form) Auto-morphing when the player presses left or right when crouched Auto-morphing when the player moves the character into a small (1 or 2 block tall) crevice. Screw Attack (originally found in Norfair; this was added to Orn's Brinstar to replace the Ice Beam) *Excluded Features*Morph Bombs (explained above) Wave Beam (not found in Brinstar) Ice Beam (replaced with Screw Attack) Elevators are not needed because the player is restricted to Brinstar Password save ( Use emulator save states. Besides, the playable area is so small this is probably not necessary anyway)

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