OpenTTD 1.05

A re-implementation of Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

  1. Update to v1.05

    - fix right click drag scrolling
  2. Update to v1.04

    - re-compile with libnx v2.2.0 to fix potential crashes with firmware 8.0.x
  3. Update to v1.03

    - bundle with working AI compatibility script files (fixes AI crashing)
    - bundle with pre-installed AI opponents and support library scripts
  4. Update to v1.02

    - compile with lzma and lzo2 compression libraries to allow loading old compressed savegames/scenarios
    - hold ZR / ZL for slow / fast mouse to make it easier to position the pointer with the left stick
    - correctly display free disk space in load/save dialogs
    - press minus to switch button mappings between two presets: ZL/ZR = slow/fast mouse, Y/X = zoom, or ZL/ZR = zoom, Y/X = slow/fast mouse