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OMG WTF 8/13/09

Description:OMG WTF is my falling blocks game. It is similar to Tetris but contains several variations. It uses EFS and FAT so it may not work on all emulators or flash carts.I plan on making this part of a larger project involving many more game mods, including some genre crossovers, like a Tetris-like platformer where you play a little guy inside a computer-controlled falling blocks game and you're trying to jump from block to block to reach the top without getting squished.Controls:Left, Right, or Down: Moves the blockStart: While playing the game, this pauses the game and lets you quit the game at any time.Features:Traditional Game Mode: This is the tradition Tetris-like game mode. It's simple. Just try to survive as long as possible by clearing lines on the screen.Clear Limit Mode: In this game mode you try to clear a certain amount of lines in as little time as possible.Time Limit Mode: In this game mode you try to clear as many lines as you can in a certain amount of time.Garbage Mode:In this game mode the play area is populated with 'garbage' pieces, red blocks that must be eliminated in order to make it to the next level.Music: There are around 20 jazz hits from the 1920s, my favorite music genre and era.High Score: The high score is saved between games, giving you a goal to continue playing.

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