NXThemes Installer Version 2.5.1

Manage your switch custom themes, both nxtheme and szs supported !

  1. Version 1.6.1 Hotfix

    Hotfix for a bug in 1.6
  2. Version 1.6

    - Fixed home menu extraction in Atmosphère's emunand
    - Custom colors for the applet buttons via json layouts by automatically patching the bntx. Example layout
    - Finally fixed themes in the user page applet
    - Made the layout patching less strict.
    If you had nxthemes that did not install properly because of the firmware this should fix it
    - Fixed various crashes reported by users -- Thanks !
  3. Version 1.5

    - Animation support (bflan), now themes can contain animated parts.
    - 8.X Support
    - Hopefully fixed custom fonts on ReiNX
    - Finally fixed the remote install network code
  4. version 1.4

    • Custom font support ! Copy any TTF in the themes folder to install it.
    • Custom usd1 panes support for nxthemes, these kind of panes allow more customization by changing the shape of icons or add shadows. The layout editor will be updated soon.
    • Support for the player select applet
    • Support for nxthemes without a background image, these kind of themes just edit the layout and look good on any color setting (dark or light "theme" option in the console settings)...
  5. Version 1.3 : 7.0.X support

    • Automatic home menu extraction, works on any firmware and any cfw, keys are not needed anymore. this means full support for 7.0.x
    • Reboot to payload button for atmosphere users.
    • Custom album images are now supported, it's also possible to set a custom color for the icon with a layout (only if using a custom image)
  6. Version 1.2

    - Support for custom layouts for common.szs (all firmwares)
    - Better support for firmwares <= 5.X
    - Support for command line args
    - Fixed many ui issues and and minor bugs
  7. Remote install, background preview, on console nca extraction, theme shuffle support

    • Multiselect to install multiple themes at the same time
    • Remote install to install themes without having to copy them first
    • Theme background preview for nxtheme files
    • Auto extraction of the home menu directly on the console.
    • Theme shuffle support with the new Theme Switcher sysmodule, check it out here , as this is in beta please read the warnings before using it.