NXThemes Installer Version 2.4

Manage your switch custom themes, both nxtheme and szs supported !

  1. Version 2.4

    - 10.1.0 Support
    - Removed support for the outdated theme shuffle sysmodule. It was known to cause issues, please stop using it.
    - Improved home menu extraction speed, now it should take just a few seconds
    - Fixed several crashes reported by users
    - Preparations for something cool that's coming soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    EDIT: there have been several reports of random crashes when installing a theme, if you encounter this issue please check the workaround provided...
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  2. Version 2.3

    - Firmware 10.0 support
    - Shiny new UI for the theme installer
    - Includes several bug fixes, no more seizure-inducing flashing text when navigating or installing multiple themes !
    - Support for font color in the nxtheme format
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  3. Version 2.2.1

    This minor update is just for NXThemesInstaller, the theme injector has not been updated, you can find it in the previous release.

    • Support for 9.2.0 firmware
    • Lockscreen support for SX OS
      • This only works on its latest beta version as IPS patches support has been added only recently, a warning with more info be shown when you launch the theme installer.
    • Fix various bugs that caused crashes
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  4. Version 2.2

    • Support for 9.1.0
      • Lockscreens on sxos are still not supported
    • Support for atmosphere 0.10.0
    • Finally fixed clear lockscreen layout on >= 9.0
    Since last relaese...
    I've decided to open my own discord server, unlike qcean and r/NXThemes it's not for sharing themes but just for support and updates about my projects.
    I've also opened a...
  5. Version 2.1.1

    - 9.0.1 support
    - Bug fixes
  6. Version 2.1

    • 9.0 Support
    • Fixed color issues when applying custom applet icons
    • Improved UI navigation
  7. Version 2.0.1

    This release fixes a bug that in some cases would install a theme ignoring the background image.
    Only themes created with the new web injector are affected by this.
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  8. Version 2.0

    - Touch screen support
    - Now more themes are shown in the main screen
    - It's possible to preview the image of every nxtheme file
    - It's possible to disable custom icons or common layouts in the settings
    - Support for custom applet icons in the home menu
    - Support for custom "home" icon on the lock screen
    - Updated the 8.x fix for old nxthemes that use the diamond layout, this should fix the cursor issue.
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  9. Version 1.6.1 Hotfix

    Hotfix for a bug in 1.6
  10. Version 1.6

    - Fixed home menu extraction in Atmosphère's emunand
    - Custom colors for the applet buttons via json layouts by automatically patching the bntx. Example layout
    - Finally fixed themes in the user page applet
    - Made the layout patching less strict.
    If you had nxthemes that did not install properly because of the firmware this should fix it
    - Fixed various crashes reported by users -- Thanks !