Nintendo DS/GBA Compressors by CUE 2011-11-11

Collection of (de)compressors for Nintendo DS/Game Boy Advance by CUR

  1. SaulFabre
    Nintendo DS (NDS) / Game Boy Advance (GBA) - Some of my compression tools (source code included).
    Maybe the best set of compression tools for DS/GBA.

    Support both encode and decode data.

    + BIOS compatible compressions (DS and GBA):
    - RLE
    - LZSS (with my own optimized version, 'LZ-CUE')
    - Huffman (this first and only tool to encode properly the 8-bit mode)
    + non BIOS compatible compressions (only DS):
    - BLZ (used in ARM overlay files, RPG Maker DS)
    - LZX (also known as LZ11 and LZ40, used in some games)
    - LZE (used in Luminous Arc 2, Luminous Arc 3)
    Sorry, the 'readme' file is in spanish language (I'm too lazy to translate).
    Run each command-line tool without parameters to view their usage.
    If you use any of my stuff in your work, please include my name, 'CUE', in the credits.
    You may use these tools under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

    Enjoy ;)

    Compression tools (LZSS, LZ77, Huffman8 / Huff8, LZX etc.) compatible with Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS & Nintendo Wii :D

    Made by @CUE

    Original thread here:

    Reuploaded by saulfabreg (@SaulFabre)
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