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Monome DS

Source is included in the download.monome~ds v1.0 by GrizzlyAdamsSimple simulation of a monome 40h like device with some artistic license.40h buttons: send midi keydown / keyup events 0-6340h lights : respond to midi keydown / keyup events 0-63Channel buttons & Up/Down DPAD: select current channelConnection light:the small light at the bottom of the screen under the divider between the40h buttons and channel buttons shows the status of the connection.Yellow = ConnectingGreen = ConnectedRed = Disconnected/ErrorBy default it starts in local loopback mode, press START to connect.There is no config menu in this version and you are stuck with the first WFC profile.Future plans:- glowing channel buttons showing data flow (33% = data, 66% = selected, 100% = both)- actual emulation of a monome 40h / wrapper for running monome firmware- wfc selection- 2nd display-only monomeNOTE: this program is NOT from, licensed by, or supported by monome.
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