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Metal Slug Combat 1.0

For most fans of this great saga, now comes this great homebrew, in fact nothing more nor less than Master Sonic. Right from here, I extend my sincere congratulations, has become a fable. And they say, has 15 sites, 4 characters (you can even create your one), 3 arms, very good sound effects, good graphics ... And although there are bugs and control does not work, this is the first version and, of course, promises improvements. Attached is a mini tutorial to not miss an inch of the game.
Author: Master Sonic
Well, nothing, go with the tutorial, where is all the information that you need.
As easy as copying the folder MetalSlugCombat (and the. Kts) in the root of the micro SD.
In combat, information:
In combat luecharemos following these rules:

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