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Memoirs of a Geisha

Sorry for the rubbish photo, i only had my phone camera at hand! Right, for some reason there just simply arent enough good Supercard skins on the internet!! This is the first skin i have made for the 'Supercard SD HC'. I've wanted to do one for aaaages, and i finally have. I love Memoirs or a Geisha so i decided to make my Supercard skin with that theme. -I recoloured Supercard options like save, load..etc, and i took the red dotted menu art from the 'Dark Knight' skin from the Supercard's SDHC new release. but otherwise everything has been carefully recoloured and resized from images off a search engine by me.-I changed and edited a short startup sound with 'Syuri's song' when you switch it on so its more personalised.--Take Note..if you are Using another type of Supercard that isnt SD HC it may be missing certain parts.Please Backup save your games before changing your skin..bad things can happen!! ^_^-I plan to finish off a Full Metal Alchemist Skin. Disney's Robin Hood skin. and maybe a Death Note skin (thats not up to scratch yet).--> NOTE

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