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Disney's Robin Hood Theme

Again - sorry for bad picture, done with my mobile :SThis is the image of the top screen (the bottom is their reflection in the water)~Great for your kids/daughters~This is my 2nd skin i have made for the SUPERCARD SD HC- I used the colours (save, open, multisave) from the Pink file in the original Supercard skins pack and did a bit of editing.- I took the images as a snapshot myself, from the Disney's Robin Hood movie and resized them, i also added an image from google of Robin with his arrow.--> Note - these images are not my own originals, they are copyright by Disney.- I changed the startup song with something a little more fitting with the theme# I think this is a good classic theme for the young-uns and just Disney fans in general to have on their DS.--> If any imporvements need to be done..just commentENJOY...and Please Rate my skins!! ^_^

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