melonDS for Switch 0.7.3

DS emulator, sorta

  1. melonDS 0.7.3 for Switch

    -Updated to melonDS 0.7.3
    -Only initialize microphone when it's selected as the input device (if microphone causes crashes for you, turning it off should fix it)
    -Fix save state on the pause menu
  2. melonDS 0.7.2 for Switch

    Note: If you experience crashes or freezes with the normal version, try the nomic build. There seems to be a problem with the microphone implementation.

    -Updated to melonDS 0.7.2
    -Removed temporary timing hack
    -Optimized menus
    -File browser now remembers the last folder you launched a ROM from
    -Added ability to close/open lid from the in-game menu
    -Added option to adjust audio volume
    -Added microphone input (if you have a headset with a microphone connected) or white noise input
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  3. melonDS 0.7.1 for Switch

    The first full release!
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