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MegaStopwatch 12/29/10

My App is a classic Megaman themed Stopwatch. Currently about 98% of the functionality is fully working.

- Standard Stopwatch: start/stop counter and reset counter
- Race Watch: saves up to 20 participants times if you're timing a marathon or other race.
- Lap Watch: saves up to 20 lap times for an individual
- Egg Timer: let's you set a timer from 1 second to 99 hours
- Metronome: from 1-399 Beats per Minute, not sure why'd you'd ever need something that fast.
- Saving/Loading: 5 Save Slots to store the state of any of the above stopwatch functions.
- Button Configuring: Let's you assign any button on the DS to be your Start/Stop and Reset Buttons, on top of the Touch Screen controls.

The 2% that isn't working yet is the basic Clock, which shouldn't be difficult at all to finish.

Which leaves me with just under a week to work on the graphics which currently are mostly missing everywhere. I don't actually expect to win anything, I just really needed a stopwatch last week and was too cheap to go and buy one, so I figured I'd make one, and while I'm at it, I might as well give it a theme. If anyone has any suggestions for what else you could possibly want from a Stopwatch, that'd be great.

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