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Martian DS 1.2

I have uploaded a *minor* update of this game. The widespread feedback on this game has changed my mind about leaving it quite yet- though I'm still not sure how far it will go.The game now uses Libfat and thus will crash certain emulators (I'm looking at you Dualis). Not sure about slot 2 devices, as I don't own one and so I haven't tested that. Works on my slot 1 perfectly, and will run on No$GBA though scores will be lost after powering off.In this update:- Better sound effect support- Board to keep Top 10 scores & name entry.- Various map edits- First boss actions tweaked- Powerup frequency reducedStill to do:- Control configuration- Scrolling backgrounds- Subscreen? Directional fire / ducking? Background musicOnce again any feeback or bug reports are appreciated. My high score to date is 105,350. Enjoy!

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