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Mario Firemen DS 9/1/09

In menu mode:use Arrow or stylus to select categories and Start to validate your choice.use left or right in option menu to switch values.In Game mode:Start : pause menuL : switch firemanB: Trigger/Untrigger waterup : fireman goes northdown: fireman goes southleft: fireman goes westrigth : fireman goes eastUse stylus to navigate on the map.To stop fire, place your fireman next to a flame and throw water on it until the flame disappear. Be careful if you stay on a tree that start to burn your fireman will be stuck in place and you would need another firemen to rescue him by throwing water on him. If you are not fast enough.. the fireman die.You win if you manage to stop fire before all trees and castle are burnt.You loose if all of your firemen are killed by flames.I provide the translation of the menu items because i developed my game in French."nouvelle partie" -> New Game"Difficult

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