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M3i Zero Core 4.5.0-10/1.4.5

*This upgrade package only supports M3i Zero card (GMP-Z003 model), the code can be found on the top right of the label of the card.
*After applying this package, you should reapply the "M3i Zero Core data file V4.5.0" package to make it compatible with 3DS 4.5.0-10x firmware.
*Do NOT use "M3i Zero Core data file V4.5.0" to upgrade directly, you must run "M3GUpdaterPlus_450HW.nds" first.
*If wrong steps were taken or it is a brand new M3i Zero, please do upgrading by using "M3i Zero Core data file V4.2.0" first and then run "M3GUpdaterPlus_450HW.nds".
*In order to update the firmware of the M3i Zero card, you must have one of these consoles (NDS, NDS Lite or NDSi NDSi(XL)). After a successful run of the upgrade package, the updated M3i Zero card should be able to boot up properly in any NDS console included 3DS.
*Please make sure that the battery of your console is sufficient to finish the upgrade. Keep your console still during the upgrading.
*For the M3i Zero card users with a model other than GMP-Z003, please use core data file V1.7.2 or other newer version.

1. i) Copy the ?M3GUpdaterPlus_450HW.nds? into the microSD card.
ii) Copy the "system" files into the microSD card or install the "M3SAKURA" system
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