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LightsOut (Pokemon Mini) 1.1

~~ LightsOut ~~
~~~~ cheap non-ASCII-art readme ~~~~

I think the concept of the game is pretty much clear for everyone.
You have to turn off all lights.

The game has sound (playback is a bit wrong in emulator) and save states.

To run the game you need Minimon and a bios.min file (the Pokemon Mini
Bios). The game would also work on hardware but there are yet no public
available flashcarts.

The Bios can be found at in the first chapter of the
tutorial series. (Please only download it if you own a real pokemon mini
and want to restore a corrupted bios using your mighty skills of hardware
hacking ;)).

Controls: A-Button to switch the lights
D-Pad to control the pointer position (the grey, blinking thingie)
B to browse through the finished levels

Greetz from Team PoK

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