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Legend of Zelda, The - The Minish Cap (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)

Here is a 100% complete save game. It is the European Version.Legend of Zelda, The - The Minish Cap (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)The save game starts you inside the Dark Hyrule Castle Where you have to fight Vaati in his three forms.You have access to:Magical BoomerangLight Arrows (Holy Arrows)Extra Bomb Bag (30 Bombs)Remote Bombs (Currently Using)Two Extra Quivers (70 Light Arrows)Greater Spin AttackSpin AttackFaster DiggingFaster Greater Spin AttackFaster Splitter bar3 Bottles CollectedAll 8 out of 8 Swordman's issues available to read from the Post Office.All 8 out of 8 Tiger Scrolls Available - Link's Sword Abilities.Roc CapeMole MittsPegasus BootsShieldFlippersPower BraceletsCane of PacciFlame LanternGrip RingOcarina of Wind - Use it to fly around the different maps around Hyrule.What is missing:As I didn't get the Keystone earlier from your grandfather you will be missing the Mirror Shield and one more empty bottle. This happens if you do not do the Goron side quest in order. I didn't so I missed out on them. I have collected most of the pieces of hearts, but missing some. Link has 16 Hearts.In your inventory you should have 3 Red Potions, these will restore your health fully three times should you need them when fighting Vaati.Where to find Vaati:Go through the Red Portal and then through the door to your north. Vaati will be taking Princess Zelda's Light Force. You will need to fight your way through three screens to reach Vaati. There is a time limit to reach him in the form of 'Chimes', three Chimes and you will fail.Hints to reach Vaati quickly.First Room of three -Enemy with ball and chain (Morning Star) -If you use your sword from a distance you can hit him with Link's magical sword projectile. Alternatively, You can dodge him and advance through the door. To do this wait until he throws his weapon at you.Note: You can only fire Sword Projectiles if you have Full Health or only 1 Heart left. It is an ability you gain through the game.Splitter room -The next room you have to use the splitter ability. Basically, you mirror image yourself three times. To do this, stand on one of the flashing squares and hold your sword button down. You should see a green bar grow in the top left of the screen, this is the splitter. Once this has reach the top, and whilst keeping the sword button held down; move Link to the other coloured squares. Once you have moved to all of them release the sword button and 3 more Link's should appear. Now, move northward through the room and stand on all the buttons at the far end of the room. If any mirror image gets hit by the enemy, or one of your images bumps into a wall or falling floor; you will have to repeat the procedure above.Final room before Vaati -You will have to fight three guardians. They are quite adept at blocking your attacks, sooo... Use your remote bombs on them. Go into your inventory and choose the remote bomb with the 'A' button. With them selected, drop 1 bomb with the 'A' button and detonate them again with the 'A' button once the guardians are close. They will become dizzy, this is when you can attack them. Alternatively use the Greater Spin Attack, see the Tiger Scrolls in your inventory on how to do them or read the quick tutorial here.Quick tutorial - Hold the sword button until the sword is charged. Now release, Link will spin his sword around himself. This is known as the 'Spin Attack'. To do the 'Greater Spin Attack'. Repeat the Spin Attack move, but as the sword is spinning repeatably press the sword button and move in a direction. Hey Presto, the Greater Spin Attack.Now finish Vaati off,Enjoy.

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