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3107 - Prince Of Persia - The Fallen King (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)

This is a 100% save game for Prince of Persia The Fallen King. It is the European Version.3107 - Prince Of Persia - The Fallen King (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)The language can be selected upon starting the game. You have the choice of English, French, German, Spanish & Italian.All Statues Visited & Collected.All 12 out of 12 Hitpoints for the Prince collected.All Scrolls Available.All Help messages Available.Load profile A - The save game profile is 100% complete.With this save you can play a couple of the earlier levels and battle the final boss in the game. To do this, use your stylus to select the third blue circle level to your right. There will be a cinematic sequence before you take on the final boss.All the final area missions are available, there are three in total. To see any of the earlier areas you will have to start over with a new profile.Note: If you need help about what your character can do select 'Start' and choose 'Help' from the menu. Alternatively, select 'Scrolls' to learn more about the story.Final Note: The Prince is black as he has become corrupted(The God of Darkness), and must be to take on the final boss.The game is 100% Finished.Enjoy!R4DS Save file (v1.18)

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