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Klan Wars

WARNING:------------IF YOU FEEL OFFENDED BY GAMES THAT HAS KKK, BLACK PEOPLES, NAZIS, SATANISTS AND OLD LADIES IN IT, THEN PLEASE DON'T PLAY THIS GAME. THIS GAME ISN'T MADE TO IMPROVE RACISM OR VIOLENCE, IT IS MEANT AS KIND OF SPOOFY GAME, NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUS BY ANYONE=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-How to play:=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-When you start the game you shoudl see a some fading splash screens. Now the menu shows up, choose "New Klan". You now have 300$ to buy a "klan", which may maximaly consist of 15 members. After you have bought the Klan you have to choose a the graphics for your klan. Since this game isn't made to improve racism or mark any kinds of "gaps" between the different kinds of groups, then there will be no differnece between playing Old lady or Nazi, and so on.After you have choosen your graphics you will get to choose the leader of your group. After you have cofirmed your leader you will be returned to the main screen, then go to "single player". To choose the group that you last made, press left. The controls ingame are simple. Just move the cursor around with the D-PAD and press A the choose a troop. The troop will move to the next spot that is selected if you press A again, but only if it has enough move, or enough range to fire within.

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