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Kindergarten Boogie Mini (Pokemon Mini) DEMO

kindergarten boogie mini is a remake of the original amiga demo (by bluebox cinematique gmbh).
most of the graphics in the demo are from the c64 remake (code: abcug/stfu, gfx: zoom/cns)
the sound is from the amiga version converted to 4bit 4khz.

pokemon mini: 8bit platform, 4mhz custom cpu, 1bit lcd, 8kbyte ram
demo music: 4bit at 4khz, recorded directly from a modified pm unit with audio cable

bluebox cinematique gmbh, tgd, stfu, singular crew, racers,
exceed, mandula, faculty, astroidea, fresh!mindworkz, conspiracy

Amiga version:
C64 version:
Team POKeMe:

ph0x and lupin
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