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Introduction:Keeper is a little proggie for the GBA that allows you to keep notes. You canuse it to record phone numbers, email addresses, appointments, etc.I have designed Keeper to use as little space as possible, so you have plentyof room for other games/apps. I suggest using it with pogoshell so that itwill use the smallest possible space in SRAM as well. If anyone cares as muchabout space as I do than send me an email and I can send you a version withoutthe splash screen and intro text. (That should reduce Keepers size by a couplekilobytes)How to Play:Keeper is pretty self explanatory, just hold down the left shoulder button forhelp, but for those of you who always read the readme file before you mess withsomething here is a tip.1. Press select to open the Save/Load Menu2. Press right on the Diretion pad once so that LOAD is selected3. Press A (make sure that slot 0 is selected) to erase the screen and start freshYou can't save to slot 0, and loading from it will always erase the main screenKeys:This is all in Keeper's self-contained help system but here it is anyway.Main screenD/Pad Move character selection cursor (keyboard, bottom window)B Change CaseA Write the selected character to the selected spot in the top windowL Help, displays a list of the accepted input and functionsSelect Save/Load menuStart Exit to boot menuR+D/Pad Select a place to write to in the top windowR+A Move to the beginning of the next line (Enter, Return)Save/Load screenUp/Down Select save slotLeft/Right Select an actionA Perform the selected action Save Saves the current text to the selected slot (You cannot save to slot 0) Load Loads text from the selected slot (Loading from slot 0 always erases all text) Rename Rename the save slots Back Exit to main screenB Exit to main screenRename save slot screen:All controls are the same except thatSelect = Save save slot namesStart = has no function

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