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Joker Poker

How to play:The screen is initially blank. Press "start" to seed the random number generator and begin.A game begins with 100 credits. One credit is spent for each new hand that is played.A 5 card hand is dealt from a 54 card deck. The deck includes two jokers.Select zero to five cards to discard using the arrow keys.- "Left" and "right" select a particular card.- "Up" pushes that card towards the dealer, indicating you'd like to discard it.- "Down" returns the selected card to your hand (if you change your mind and want to keep a card).Once you've settled on the cards you'd like to replace (if any), press "A" or "B."Payouts use the following table:ROYAL FLUSH 800STRAIGHT FLUSH 50FOUR OF A KIND 25FULL HOUSE 9FLUSH 6STRAIGHT 4THREE OF A KIND 3TWO PAIR 2PAIR 1 (jacks or better)Press "A" or "B" again to deal a new hand and continue playing.

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