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IRCDS 0.3c

PALib - NINTENDOMAX - PortableDev DS Coding Compo - 2006An IRC client for Nintendo DS.Requirements:-Nintendo DS-WiFi AP-Nopass/PassMe/etc... or FlashMe-Supercard, M3, MagicKey 2/3, etc...Usage:Copy the corresponding patched file to your card and start it.It'll try to create the config file if it doesn't exist. Files:-prepatched/ - prepatched files-ircds_v03b.ini - sample config-ircds_0.3c.nds -ircds_0.3c.ds.gba un-patched -readme.txt - this file Skin:You can find a sample skin in ircds.iniUse HTML color codes (like: bottom_bg = #FF50B0)If you make a skin, please post it on my homepage Buttons:-Start: (re)connect-Select: disconnect-B: parts from a channel-L,R: gives back your previous message-X,Y: changes the backlight-Left,right,up,down - scrolls the upper screen-START+SELECT (at logo screen) - disables FAT supportCompatibility:-should be compatible with every cart which have DLDI driver-please use the MPCF version for DS-XMore info about DLDI: Version history:-0.3c ORANGE EDITION [2007.01.28] - support colors, fixed a lot bugs, some improvements, DLDI support-0.3b - bugfixes, added blowfish, added skin support-0.3a - bugfixes-0.3 - faster, better GUI; new config-format; more stable-0.2b - bugfixes-0.2a - START+SELECT works now at logo screen-0.2 - pretty stable now, a LOT new features-pre0.2 private beta 1,2,3-0.1c - just a quick fix to work with psybnc-0.1b - parting from channels works now with every server-0.1a - fixed a fatal bug: freezed while connecting to a non-efnet server-0.1 - initial releaseIf you find a bug or want to give me a new idea, e-mail me or visit my webpage.
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