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N-card update nand 22

1. Plug usb writer into your nds and hook it up till an empty usb slot on pc2. HOLD A,B,L,R + Up on your nds to put the card into flash mode(Screen will say USB SAFE BLOCK)3. Windows will pick up a fireline device, card is ready to be formatted4. Extract Contents of downloaded file to a folder5. Double click NAND_ALL.BAT will will start the firmware flash6. After a few seconds it will be done, switch of nds and switch back on holding A,B,L,R + DOWN to format the card, 7. Windows will auto recognize the card again as a mass storage device8. Copy xmenu.dat from extracted folder to the root of your card.9. Card will create DSYSTEM folder at bootup10. DONE , Your MK5, Firelinker, Flashpass or whatever other clone you are using now has dldi with write support (thanks to willsey for the guide)
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