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GreenBoy Attack 0.1

GreenBoy Attack V0.1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is a Green Beret/Rush'n Attack - Arcade emulator for the GBA.No sound, still bugs in the cpu core.Lots of unimplemented stuff, beware of falling debris.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to use:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------First unzip and/or into the same folder as the emulator.*Then run one of the .bat files to compile the roms and the emulator.When the emulator starts, use Up/Down to select game, then useB or A to start the game selected.Press L+R to open the menu, A to choose, B (or L+R again) to cancel.Controller: 2P is only used to start a 2 player game.Unscaled mode: L & R buttons scroll the screen up and down.Scaled modes: Press L+SELECT to adjust the background.Speed modes: L+START switches between throttled/unthrottled/slomo mode.NOTE: it's supposed to run at 30FPS, so this will probably not make a differenceSleep: START+SELECT wakes up from sleep mode (activated from menu or 5/10/30minutes of inactivity)Make sure your flashing software allocates 8kByte/64kbit SRAM for GreenBoy.*filenames are taken from MAME 0.94--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Advanced:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------EWRAM speed: this changes the waitstate on EWRAM between 2 and 1, thiscan probably damage your GBA and definitly uses more power,around 10% speedgain. Use at your own risk!
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