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GBAROMBuilder (tool for emulators on the GBA) 2.01

GBA ROM Builder 2.00I. Information 1. Author 2. Program 3. Release HistoryII. Programs Features 1. Multi Emulator Support 2. Features 3. Known IssuesI. Information1. Author Homepage: Email: Hoe[at]PocketHeaven[dt]com Please report all bugs to above email.2. Program This program was built using C#, which means you are REQUIRED to have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed. You can download it from the following web site: This is a follow up to my original program, PocketNES ROM Builder. None of the code transcends between the two programs. The source code is open and is on the web site. It was designed to make adding future emulators reasonably easy to support.3. Release History 2.01 (11.11.03) Fixed bug where rom options weren't changing when an emulator was already selected. Made zip a default listed extension during rom selection. Added "Change emulators file" menu item. Can now change game titles for GB Games. Link in about dialogue now works. 2.00 (11.11.03) Initial Release.II. Programs Features1. Multi Emulator Support The program GBA ROM Builder was designed around the idea of having a universal GUI for building roms for all of the currently widely in use emulators for the GBA system.2. Features Single ROMs compressed into zip files can be added and built into your projects. If there are multiple files in the zip, the largest file will be used. If there are other files of that same size, the first will be used. DrSMS is not currently distributed by the author as a stand alone GBA. So I have gotten permission to release a stand alone version which I extracted. You can download it from: Known Issues Currently none.
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