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Fleet of One

Game----This game is a Arcade Platformer with rpg elements (think Crimsonland)It features infinite random tile generation a unique running systemStory-----The Threatener Prototype was finally complete. The president of Fortress Inc need merely say the word and the unstoppable weapon would go into mass production. Planetary conquest would not be far behind.However, Fortress Inc's president felt he needed to test it in the field at leastonce. Yes, after it destroys the first person to catch his eye, mass production shallbegin; that man, with the helmet,and the cape.Fighting back is not an option, however. The Threatener Prototype may be unstoppable, but not undelayable. You have to buy time, as much as you can before your inevitable fate.Mechanics---------Your health behaves as in normal games, except when it gets lower you run slower and cant jump as highYour endurance appears when you take a skill that uses endurance, it slowly recharges, and if you use it beyond its limits, itll take your health awayYou gain experience by staying in front of the Threantener Prototype, every (non bullet-timed) second that you stay in front of it 3 things happen: you get an experience bonus, you get a health boost , the rate of health boost and experience gain increases. Also you health can go beyond the max in this manner, your preformance also increases with this increased healththere a 2 health pickups, a red one and a rainbow colored one (heales more) if you get one of these when your health is beyond the max, it returns your health to full.the blue pickup regenerates some of your endurancethe yellow pickup gives you a boostControls--------A is jumpHold B for boost skills if you have emL is berzerk if you have itR is ghost if you have itStart is pauseif you hold down both triggers or select when you unpause you get 0 health (good for if you forgot to put up jumping skills)Skills------You get bonus points every here and there. They are not requried for the skills under "Strife" The other skills require bonus points to put them up initially. Also, two of the feats that require bonus points are chosen at random every time the scenery changesSome skills can be put up beyond the first time, some can'tList-----STRIFEMax hp: puts up the ammount of damage you can take, HOWEVER, does not improve your preformance at low healthBound Speed: Increases the speed you leave the ground when you finish your running animimtion affected by current healthAir Speed: Increases the speed you accelerate in the airWeightless: reduces the effect of gravity when you hold the jump buttonJump Power: Increases the power of your jumps on the ground affected by current healthDJump Power: Increases the power of your jumps in the air affected by current health-Power(all use endurance & putting them up more increses their power & activates when B button is held)Super Bound: self explanitorySuper Jump: dittoSuper DJump: too complicated to explain-Technique Regen: uses endurance, slowly regenerate healthRandom Boost: randomly get boosts, putting this up increases the power of the boostsRefelection: projectiles ramdomly bounce off of youAir Dodge: your double jump can now be directed with the D-padTeleport: your double jump is replaced with the ability to teleport, the higher your Djump Power, the farther you teleport, unaffected by current healthTriple Jump: you get an extra air jump-DeterminationBerzerk: Activated with the L trigger. While berzerked you can't die and behave as if you were at full health, putting this up increases the ammount of time you berzerkGhost: Activated with the R trigger. Everything passes through you while ghosted, putting this up increases the ammount of time you can ghostSpeed: you cant die if your going fast enoughAirgod: you cant die in the air

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