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Fighter 12/29/10

I guess I'll announce my game that I'm working on. It is a ship to ship combat game. There is no official title but I've just been using 'Fighter' (As in fighter jet/plane) as the name right about now.

I've gotten the core engine written about now minus collision but that is to come. The premise is pretty simple, you just fight another space ship which. You get 3 different types of missiles to use:

1) Standard Missile which comes in infinite supply, moves in a straight path and does 1 damage.
2) EMP will randomly detonate on the map and destroy anything in the blast radius including ships or other missiles. It *could* destroy you as soon as you fire it so or it could destroy the enemy entirely. You get 1 per match.
3) Tracker missile which will move around based on the enemy ships location but it will not always hit. Does one damage and you only get 2 per match.

Basically you just will play the game and score a point each time you kill the enemy ship. You get 3 lives and your ship can take 1 hit. The enemy ship can take 3 hits (That is subject to change)

The controls are as follows:

Left/Right -- Moves you left/right
Up/Down -- Moves you up/down (I haven't done this yet. I may not do it at all)
A -- Fires a missile
B -- Nothing planned as of yet
Start -- Pauses the game (doesn't pause until you release Start)
Select -- Toggles the missile selected (Not coded yet)

If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions I would like to hear them.
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