EZFlash Junior 20200310 FW4 K1.04e

Firmware and kernel for the EZFlash Junior GB/GBC flash cart

  1. Stability fixes and big overhaul of file handling

    EZFlash Junior FW4 K1.04e changelog]
    SHA1(ezgb.dat)= 43c76dc2b206907a68a1b3d320324d2d4438b7f3
    SHA1( d61bc32c41a378be491eced4244a84abe7c84d7c

    Removed Chinese support and filename sorting
    Fixed booting sequence halt in OS INIT which caused by disk fragmentation
    Fixed random File System Error
    Added a battery dry notice
    Some interface rearrangement
    Some scroll timing tweak
    The total length of the filename is 254 characters
    The maximum number of files in the folder is 7000