EZFlash Junior 2020-01-12

Firmware and kernel for the EZFlash Junior GB/GBC flash cart

  1. FAST6191
    This is the firmware and kernel for the EZFlash Juinior gameboy and gameboy color flash cart.
    Change log:
    Note: For the best performance and stability. The items in the root folder no more than 32(include the kernel file and saver folder). The total files in each folder from the root folder no more than 100.
    SHA1(ezgb.dat)= a67c41c5f146e5bb58a355eeadb00a4fd2caa71b
    SHA1( d91c47b3c5921467e51fa1b10d42d77c75d6d5f0

    FW3 K1.03
    Improved game compatibility
    Added the support of MBC1M Multicart

    Fixed some logical error in last played game.

    FW2 K1.01
    Fixed some game compatibility
    Optimize the limited number of files and directories
    Fixed some file display issues
    Added a Reading interface
    Added a Loading interface
    Added the support of MBC30 64KB SAVE
    Added AUTO SAVE in SET tab
    Checked = Backup the save to SD every time automatically when kernel booting up
    Unchecked = Kernel will ask every time when kernel booting up, cancel backup may cause you to lose the last play record

    Added last played game Press START in file browser to activate, Press A to launch, B to cancel.


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