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Ex Machina (Version Deux)

ControlsStart: select option/pause gameSelect: change which enemy you have targetedDpad: move the playerB button: jumpA button: shootL button: transformR button: dodgeFeaturesCombo shooting:If you hold the shoot button down, a combo traget will appear. Then you can select the enemy you want to open a whole world of pain onto. Once you have your target press the shoot button again to launch into a combo attack which is continued through continious shooting. Also if you press the B button when you have your target our hero will hold the enemy down so he can be layed into! This needs to mastered to defeat certain enemys.Dodging:Keep a close eye to the screen, when the enemy and yourself flash white, bash the R button to dodge. You can do this multiple times during a dodge which adds to your score. This is signified by either EX:1, Ex:2, EX:3 in the top right hand cornerTransforming:Below the health bar is a charge bar, when this is filled our hero can transform into a being of pure energy. This makes him faster and more powerful. Also when transformed if the player presses the L button again, all the eneimies on-screen will be desroyed. However use this wisely as uses all of the charge.

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