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Encaved 1.0

Encaved is Simon Quernhorst's fourth Atari 2600 homebrew game! The game starts with the screen showing a black maze within border lines. Your position is represented by the small cursor in the left down corner. Moving the joystick starts the countdown timer and you player moves through the maze. You can't move further when you run into walls. Pressing the fire button lightens the spotlight on your screen. You can move the spotlight around with your joystick while you keep the fire button pressed. A box is hidden somewhere in each maze. Locate it with your spotlight and collect it with your player to gain more time. As soon as you found an exit and moved through it with your player, you receive the remaining time as points. If you know the maze very well already and manage to navigate through it without switching the spotlight on, you score double points. After having escaped a maze a door closes behind you and you come to know that the next maze is already awaiting your exploration...
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