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Fall Down

Fall Down pits the ever-opposed forces of RED and BLUE* against each other in an ultimate battle to capture scrolling platforms! The first player to fall past a platform captures it and scores a point. Taking time to collect power-ups can give some advantage, but taking too long only results in death at the top of the screen. Watch out, because as you progress, the platforms slowly accelerate!

Fall Down includes both two-player and single-player modes against a highly effective computer opponent. Game modes include:

* Human vs. AI
* Human vs. AI, easy mode
* Human vs. AI, pass-by mode
* Human vs. AI, invisibility mode
* Single Player
* Human vs. Human
* Human vs. Human, pass-by mode
* Human vs. Human, invisibility mode

In pass-by mode, the players don't bounce off each other as in the default mode. In invisibility mode background alternates colors, making one of the players invisible. Easy mode makes the computer opponent fairly dumb.

Fall Down is one of the first homebrew games to support Richard Hutchinson's AtariVox. Fall Down uses the AtariVox to save your high score for each game mode, as well as for some in-game speech ("Red Wins! New High Score!"). When you power off your Atari 2600 and come back later to play Fall Down, your high scores will be restored!

Fall Down can be purchased in cartridge form from the AtariAge Store.
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