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Eagle - BMP Viewer 0.9

google translated from french...Eagle program for Nintendo DS, can display a BMP image which pixel color is encoded on 1,4,8,16 or 24 bits. By cons, it does not display BMP images encoded on 32 bits or compressed. It can display full images containing up to 768 kilo pixels (1024 * 768). For larger images, the program will display only the central part of the image containing pixels and 768 pound red letter P (= Partial) will appear to the right of the image size. The program begins by displaying the list of directories containing BMP images. Selecting a directory, using the stylus or buttons, displays the thumbnail image and then selecting a thumbnail displays the image on both screens if necessary. If the image is larger than the size of a screen, it is possible to move and reduce it to 20%.

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