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DSTT unofficial infolib.dat and savlib.dat

These are unofficial updates to infolib.dat and savlib.dat that support several games that the official version doesn't support, particularly those that have 1MB save files.Speeds up loading and adds 1MB save size.Replace infolib.dat and savlib.dat in the TTMENU folder with these new versions. Use at your own risk.Thanks to:*boyakkey (Fake TT savior) (*2ch people (*niu (added US, EU title in savlib.dat)orig download site: If the new savlib.dat is used with YSMenu for games with 1M saves (such as Pokemon Platinum), your previous 512K save file will be overwritten with an empty 1M save file and your progress will be lost. In order to retain your save data, you'll need to use another method to expand your 512K save file to 1M before using YSMenu with the new savlib.dat.
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