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DSREminiscence 0.1.9

REminiscenceDS READMERelease version: 0.1.9 (June 16 2007)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------About:------REminiscence is a re-implementation of the engine used in the game Flashbackmade by Delphine Software and released in 1992.Supported Versions:-------------------Only the PC DOS versions are supported. The engine has been reported to workwith english, french, german and spanish versions of the game.Data Files:-----------You will need the original files, here is the required list : FB_TXT.FNT GLOBAL.ICN GLOBAL.FIB GLOBAL.SPC *.OFF *.SPR *.MAP *.PAL *.ANI *.CT *.MBK *.OBJ *.PGE *.RP *.TBN *.CMD *.POL *CINE.*If you have a version distributed by SSI, you'll have to rename some files : logosssi.cmd -> logos.cmd logosssi.pol -> logos.pol -> menu1ssi.pal -> menu1.palIn order to hear music, you'll need the original music files (.mod) of theamiga version. Copy them to the DATA directory and rename them like this : mod.flashback-ascenseur mod.flashback-ceinturea mod.flashback-chute mod.flashback-desintegr mod.flashback-donneobjt mod.flashback-fin mod.flashback-fin2 mod.flashback-game_over mod.flashback-holocube mod.flashback-introb mod.flashback-jungle mod.flashback-logo mod.flashback-memoire mod.flashback-missionca mod.flashback-options1 mod.flashback-options2 mod.flashback-reunion mod.flashback-taxi mod.flashback-teleport2 mod.flashback-teleporta mod.flashback-voyageCopy the files into /data/flashback/Data/ directory Running:--------By default, the engine will try to load the game data files from the '/data/flashback/Data'directory. The savestates are saved in the /data/flashback/ In-game hotkeys : Arrow Keys move Conrad A/X use the current inventory object B/Y talk / use / run / shoot B/Y display the options A/X display the inventoryREminiscenceDS.nds can be placed anywhere on your linker.

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