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DSecure 8/13/09

DSecure is the first Flashcard security Homebrew. It allows to lock your flashcard (and protect your high scores and savegames) with a password, changable by a text file.How does it works? :DSecure uses a simple system : 1- When you start DSecure (DSECURE.nds) it replaces flashcard loader with itself2- When you reboot DS, DSecure asks you the password : if password is correct, it'll restore original flashcard loader3- When you play , all is normal, but , when you finish, open DSecure and DS will be protected.Important note : DSecure is open source, and it is released under GNU General Public License v3Compatibility (Constantly Updated) R4 Revolution For DSEZ Flash V/Vi/V+Acekard 2 (not 2i)Top Toy DS

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