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DS Save Tools 1.1.6

Best offline save converter ( in chinese and english : just select your langage in the top right box ) blog: http://anter.ys168.comVersion Change History:v1.1.6 (2009.7.10)This software requires Microsoft. NET Freamwork 1.1 runtimeMD5:08217D181EF75A6ED86B5CE5494D7B09 CRC32: 27A895D3112 KB (115,206 bytes)Simple Explanation:1、 in the upper right corner interface, select "Convert Mode": If you want to convert NDS games archive, please select "NDS"; If you want to convert GBA games archive, select the "GBA".2、 in the left side of the central interface, choose to convert the type of post-burn card, for some burn cards (such as the AK, AK RPG, EZ5, DS ONE, etc.), you may also select the size of archive.3. in the upper right side of the interface point "Open" button, select the archive you need to convert.4、 click the "Open" button below the "Convert" button, the conversion is complete.In addition, Anter wrote a burn card archived research article you are welcome to correct him. virus so far : the file was checked with Comodo and Malwarebytes anti-malware + Virustotal online the author : unconsciously, I write DS Save Tools This software has been two years, and this two-year period, I got a lot of enthusiastic people to help and support, but also learned a lot. 虽说软件写的不是很好,但还是得到了大家的肯定和支持,最荣幸的是,竟然有一个宝岛台湾的杂志还联系我,要在杂志上引用我的软件。 Although the software was not very good, but still get everyone's approval and support, the most honored, and yet there is also a Taiwan and Taiwan magazine, contact me, to quote in a magazine my software.随着烧录卡技术的成熟和烧录卡存档格式的统一化,这个软件已经逐渐失去它的存在意义了。 With the burning card technology maturity and burn cards unified archive format, this software has been gradually losing its existence meaning. 如果没有什么大的问题的话,我准备把1.1.6版本作为这个软件的最后一个版本了。 If there is no any major problem, I am ready to put this software 1.1.6 version as the last version. 谢谢大家已知对我的肯定和支持,也谢谢NDSBBS和YYJOY的朋友的帮助。 Thank you known for my approval and support, and thanks NDSBBS and YYJOY a friend for help.如果您使用本软件中有什么问题、或者我的软件不支持您的烧录卡,请用email联系我,并同时把您的存档文件打包发给我,并注明您使用的烧录卡类型,这将为我编写这个软件提供很大帮助。 If you use this software have any questions, or my burning software does not support your card, please use the email contact me, and at the same time put your archive file package sent to me, and indicate you are using a burn card type , which will write the software I have great help.另外,本人初学编程,软件编的不好,请大家见谅。 In addition, I am beginner programmer, the software is badly prepared, please forgive me.QQ: 10327887E-mail: [email protected]


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