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DLDIrc 0.93

DLDI Right Click, also known as DLDIrc, is a tool written by PsychoWood. It allows you to click any .nds (and also .gba or .bin, if you wish) file within Windows and patch it with the DLDI file of your choice.Main features * Direct right-click patching (even for more than one driver) * Automatic header PASS-patching for EzV users * Online changelog and version checker (in the installer) * Two languages: english and italian * Associates with .nds and .gba/.bin files (optional) * Can rename .gba in .nds after patching * Adds a nice icon to .nds files (optional) * Adds dlditool command line support in the OS path, no need to specify any folder, just call dldirc driver romfile from the rom folder (optional) * FCSR virtual FS automatic creation and patching * Multipatch option (one click for multiple driver patching) v0.93 * Updated EZ4 and SCDSOne driver, added SC Rumble driver

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    Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy: Monitor supports HDR, which means I can finally try out the RTX HDR mod. Pretty neat +1