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Dingoo Hacked Unbricker tool (Test version) v0.1

use it with an ILLI331.dl file from one of the other unbricker tool and for example the a320.hxf from firmware 1.20 !

also when testing follow these rules :
1) use windows xp (the usbtool method still doesn't fully work for linux users)
2) remove any driver you had previously installed for it (rockbox usbboot driver (for installing dingux), usb_boot driver from ingenic, etc) you can do this while putting the device in usb boot mode (holding B) and hooking it up to the pc remove driver in device manager from windows and reset the device, keep repeating step 3 till no more drivers are installed and windows comes asking for new drivers
3) install the drivers from inside the zip package
4) use the patched flasher to flash firmware 1.20
5) go say thanks to mth on #dingoonity !

a few notes : the drivers DO NOT work on any 64 bit system, if you really need to you can use vmware to make it work (thats what i did) , if you messed up your nand a lot you can use usb_boot.exe to do a nand erase (be carefull with this) and try flashing again.

big kudo's to mth it wouldn't have been possible without him, after all he found the offset to patch and looked at the assembly code !
i learned a lot tonight

be sure to research how to unbrick a dingoo before using this tool.
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