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Dingoo A330 Software and Homebrew Pack 1.0

this is a pre-patched (for the Dingoo A320 "HK" hardware) Dingoo A330 software, application, emulator, and homebrew pack. this file contains all of the Dingoo A320 .APP games as well as the Dingoo A330 .APP games. this pack also contains the official emulators and community homebrew emulators. additionally, there are homebrew games for most of the emulators.

the bios file has been removed as this archive contains copyrighted files. Google is your friend!

this file only contains the items found in the "game" folder. this is not a full archive of default files found on the Dingoo A330.

some of the homebrew files (nes, gba, etc) have been officially added to this pack by another world. minus the, these are the exact same files as hosted by Dingoo-Digital-USA.
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