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Andrew Jenner created Digger Remastered. Maxim Sobolev converted it to use SDL. I did a quick port of the SDL version to Nintendo DS. This is a classic game originally by Windmill Software. You have to dig around the map and eat all the emeralds or kill all the hobbins/nobbins to pass a level. I have not added sound to the DS version yet (I don't think Digger's SDL sound code is complete but I can easily add new sounds). If you have a DLDI compatible device, scores will be saved to digger.sco on the root of your card.Controls:D-pad to moveA to shootSelect to pauseJust for fun, I tacked on motion support. You can connect a DS Motion Card at anytime and use tilt to move instead of d-pad. It uses the CVS libnds, so it should also be compatible with the DS Motion Pak (may have to insert after Digger has started) and Neoflash MK6 Motion.

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