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Dan Cotter's eBook Advance 1.0

Included in this .zip file are Dan Cotter's 3, very versatile eBook Advance programs. The originating website has been down since '07.

The first is eBook Advance - Horizontal version (0.3 beta Final), which displays the text horizontally/normally on the screen.

The second is eBook Advance - Vertical version (0.3s beta Final), which displays the text vertically (text it shifted right-wise so the GBA must be held sideways for reading).

The third is eBook Advance - Variable version (0.11 beta Final), which displays the text in any orientation you like (normal, upside-down, left or right).

How to use

To create an ebook, take the text you'd like to make into an ebook and save it as "text.txt" in the folder with the specific version of the program you'd like to use (since the variable version of eBook advance can support multiple .txt files, you can simply put all the files you want [maybe keep it under 5] into the folder and name them what you like [the shorter the filenames the better]).

If you would like to have access to the search function (I don't think it is available in the variable version) you may want to insert tildes (~) into your text file in front of the chapter titles (ex: ~Chapter 1). If your book includes the word "Chapter" in the name of the chapter, it might be easiest to use the 'Find and replace' function in notepad.

Then, simply run 'make_rom.bat' and a .gba file will be generated. This can then be used in a flash cart, emulator, what have you.


Horizontal\Vertical versions:
A = Next page
B = Previous page
R = Next page
L = Previous page
Up = Previous line
Down = Next line
Right = Change text colour
Left = Change background colour
Start = Previous chapter/tilde
Select = Next chapter/tilde

Variable version:
In book
A = Next page
B = Previous page
R = Menu

In Menu
A = Next book
B = Previous book
L = Nothing
R = Controls/about/help
Up = Change background colour
Down = Change font colour
Right = Change orientation
Left = Nothing
Start = Read book
Select = Nothing

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