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CyclopDS files & firmwares for beta tests

Warning : Don't complain : use V1.31 the latest stable version if you are a newbie.Old DLDI versions and firmwares have serious issues with SDHC cards ( > 2 Go ). If you just buy a recent CycloDS Evolution Units which come pre-installed with the CycloDS Evolution v1.32 Firmware ( patched 1.31 stable for new hardware not yet available in standalone version ) you can't downgrade from 1.4 ( partially broken with some games ) Use only old versions and Betas for recovering your savegames made with a particular version if you are experimented.Read file information about V1.22P and RTS guide compiled by Gh0STfrom Team Cyclops log and official TC forums is an internal firmware for diagnostic of broken cards. Don't even try it if your card is not broken. It is only usefull for advanced users in touch with the Team for reporting failure states. You cannot use your cycloDS evolution with it since the diag.evo will just replace the user firmware. If you accidentally use it just recover by upgrading with a real firmware.CycloDS Evolution Official Website: http://www.cyclopsds.comTeam Cyclops Forums: of files :CycloEvoDLDI_v1.1.zipCycloEvoDLDI_v1.0.zipCycloEvoDLDI_v1.2.zipevo_manual_1.4.zipevo-firmware-1.13.zipevo-firmware-1.2.zipevo-firmware-1.21.zipevo-firmware-1.22.zipevo-firmware-1.22-patched.zipevo-firmware-1.31-stable-final.zipevo-firmware-1.3-BETA.zipevo-firmware-1.3-BETA_2.zipevo-firmware-1.3-BETA_3.zipev
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