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Codename Hacker GBA v1

Instructions: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------You have to collect a set amount of chips on every level,not necessarily all of them. In your path are several puzzle parts :TRAPS must be disarmed before you can pass through them. There are various sorts of traps. For example, some hold you prisoner until your time runs out, while others destroy you as soon as you step on them. You can disarm traps with strategic placement of dirt blocks.FORCE FLOOR TRAPS [Conveyor belts] propel you with lightning speed from one area to another without allowing you to stop. Sometimes you can use this force to propel you to a desired location, however most of the time you will need to collect a magnet to neutralise the effect.FIRE TRAPS are impassible bonfires laid out to block your progress. Use a fire shield to walk through fire traps.WATER TRAPS can be crossed in two ways. Either build a bridge of dirt blocks or have a water shield in your inventory.ICE TRAPS are slippery obstacles that make you slide right past your goal. Cleats are required to be able to walk over ice traps.MONSTERS want to destroy you and will show no mercy. One touch from a monster and you'll cash in your chips.TANKS block the way through crucial paths in some levels. Tanks are always linked to trip buttons, so the way around them is to activate the correct trip button so they move out of your way.THIEVES. Touching a thief wipes your inventory of all items. Make sure you use the tools you need to collect microchips before trying to pass a thief.TELEPORT SQUARES move you to another location in the level. Some squares teleport you in the direction you were facing when you stepped on them. Others teleport you in random directions. Beware! if you step on the only teleport square that is accessible, you will be trapped.TOGGLE BLOCKS are outlined with broken coloured lines. These blocks can be solid or transparent. When the toggle block is solid, you cannot pass through. These blocks are linked to trip buttons. When you activate a trip button, the toggle blocks linked to it will switch to the other stated (Solid or transparent).MICROCHIP SOCKETS are special objects found on most levels. You must pass through a microchip socket to reach the Exit Square, but only after you have collected the required number of microchips for that level.CLONE MACHINES discharge fireballs, dirt blocks and other items. Most clone machines are linked to trip buttons. If you wish to start/stp a clone machine, activate the linked trip button.BLUE BLOCKS can be real walls or just an illusion. To figure out which a particular block is, try to pass through it. If it is an illusion, it will disappear.

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