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Clirc 0.05 FINAL

ClIRC is the best IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for the Nintendo DS. It is a free homebrew application that you can download here. This version offers bug fixes, server message support, but no new features since the last v5 beta build.

Version 0.05
Keyboard is faster now.
Nick autocomplete on "tab".
Scrolling acceleration (hold up or down).
Special mode for left handed people.
Distance from keyboard to /me, /join, /nick and /msg buttons increased.
Input history (press X+Up and X+Down to browse it).
/clear command.
Host on join.
Top screen scrolling using stylus.
/ignore command :)
%ME% variable
Custom timestamp.
Compiled with new libdswifi and libfat.
New default settings.
Many bugfixes.

General chit-chat
Help Users
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