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Broken Circle

In 2004 Elvis Morelli , an artist entered a competition and gained a development contract from an important publisher (we prefer to do not show the name) to create and publish his game. It was fortunate for me that although he was great at artwork he lacked the programming skills needed for the project. My name is Francesco Marra, the ownere of 7 Raven Studios Co. Ltd. The development was hard and complex but when it was completed the publisher unfortunately declined the game for publishing due to a change in policy "we have changed our policy and we do not accept any more 3rd party software we know you won the competition but we can't take it now."Even though a contract was in place any further actions were futile so it was decided to look for another publisher. Being a very large and complex game it was decided to amend the cartridge size. A file system and advanced compression method was used to reduce the size, all sprites was reduced and a special routine was added to the tools to create some special table taht skip equal or flipped animation frames. The size of the cartridge was reduced to 64mbits.With the GBA nearly at the end of it career with Nintendo it was too late to get a concrete offer for the title. In short it was a great experience to make the game which used the GBA capacity to the fullEnjoy it.7 Raven Studios Team.

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