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Anime Girls All-Star Trump Battle

Controls--------Stylus only & Hold the DS book-styleRules-----Choose one of six stats from your current card. The stat is compared with your opponent's card:- Your card is higher: You take the opponent's card, and continue playing with the next card in your deck.- Your card is lower: Your opponent takes your card, and you lose your turn.- A draw: You may select another stat until a result occurs.Win the match by taking all of your opponent's cards.Special Reveal Attacks (SP): Using an SP will reveal the opponent card's stats, allowing you to pick accordingly. You get 3 SPs at the start of each match, and you can gain more by choosing a stat that wins by 1.In Arcade Mode, the deck is 20 cards (10 cards each). In Story Mode, the deck is 30 cards (15 cards each).


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