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AGB Rogue 1.21

AGB_Rogue version 1.21
Copyright (C) 2007 by Donnie Russell

Adapted from the 1985 IBM(TM) PC version of Rogue


The software contained in this archive is freeware, and may not be sold in any
form for any reason whatsoever. This software is provided to the end-user
"as is", and comes with no warranty of any kind. In no event shall the
copyright owner be liable for any damage that may result from the use of this

This software may be redistributed provided that the original archive is
whole, intact, and unmodified. Only copies identical to the original
distribution archive available from my web site are authorized for
redistribution. Proper credit must be given to all people involved in the
creation of this software near the point of redistribution. Redistribution of
this software on cartridge media is strictly prohibited.

Anyone is free to use parts of the included source code in their own programs
provided that credit is given to the original authors.

Getting Started

If there is no existing saved game, AGB_Rogue will prompt you to enter your
name at the title screen. You can allow the game to pick a name for you by
pressing the START button (Enter key), or you can turn the key selector on by
pressing the L button, then type your name by moving the cursor around the
alphabet with the directional keys, pressing the B button on each letter.
Press the L button to turn the key selector off. When the key selector is off,
pressing the B button (Backspace key) moves the cursor back one space. Press
the START button to submit your name.

Use the directional buttons to move your character. To move diagonally, hold
down the SELECT button, select the direction, then release the SELECT button.
To run, hold down the START button, select the direction, then release the
START button. You can also release the SELECT/START button before releasing
the directional buttons.

To execute a game command, you have two options. The easiest way is to press
and release the START button to bring up the command menu, which consists of
groups on the left each containing specific commands on the right. After
using the directional buttons to navigate the red arrow to the command you
want to execute, press the START, A or B button to select it. Selecting a
group on the left or pressing the R button closes the menu without executing a

There is also a second option for executing commands. Turn on the key selector
and move the cursor around until the desired command is highlighted, then
press the B or R button. The B button keeps the key selector on for
convenience. There are two help screens that list all available commands
('?'), and the meaning of all onscreen symbols ('/').

While playing, some game messages are too long or numerous to be displayed at
once. To continue, press the A button (Space key).

To cancel a command in progress, press the R button (Escape key) when the key
selector is off.

Many commands work on objects in your inventory. To select an object, move the
red arrow up and down with the directional buttons until it is pointing at the
desired object, then press the START, A or B button. Pressing the R button
(Escape key) cancels the command in progress.

Quitting, Saving, and Dying

To quit without saving the game, use the 'Q' command.

To save and quit, use the 'S' command, then turn off the game console when the
message says that it's safe to do so. The next time the game is turned on, the
saved game will continue. Please note that turning off the console at any time
other than after saving will cause the current game to be lost forever.


Buttons (key selector off)

A space
B backspace
L turn key selector on
R escape (cancel)
START enter (brings up command menu in game)
SELECT definable, initially 's' (search)

Buttons (key selector on)

A type space and keep key selector on
B type key and keep key selector on
L turn key selector off
R type key and turn key selector off
START type enter and turn key selector off
SELECT define selected key


If you ever find yourself inside a room with no exits, use the 's' (search)
command repeatedly along the walls of the room. This command can also be used
to find hidden traps. By default, the SELECT button is defined as 's'.


In-game photo, "Keshcorran caves near Carrowkeel", courtesy

I would like to thank all the people who have emailed me with thanks and suggestions
and, yes, even donations :-)

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