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Acekard R.P.G. 3-in-1 4.10e23

changes in 4.10e23:- new 'bypass protection' per-rom option added. this option allow bypass copy protection in new games. all details in readme.txt.- touchscreen scrolling in filelist fixed. tnx to normmatt.- 'toeic ds (korea)' fixed.- 'chocobo to mahou no ehon' fixed.- 'pokemon mystery dungeon - explorers of time (korea)' fixed.- 'phantasy star zero (japan)' fixed.- 'final fantasy crystal chronicles - echoes of time (japan)' fixed.- 'chrono trigger (europe)' fixed.- 'the world ends with you' freeze fix. tnx to normmatt.- brightness option removed.- all settings now in one dialog with tabs. you can switch tabs using touchscreen or using keys 'L' and 'R'.- per-rom options divided into two groups.- cheats core updated. tnx to normmatt.- softreset updated for some games.- 'dma mode' updated for some games.- firmware compiled using devkit 24, libnds 1.3.1 and libfat 1.0.3. some new bugs may be introduced.
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